This Rural Mission Podcast

This Rural Mission is a story-based podcast about rural health disparities and issues. Each season we discuss various topics with the rural students, preceptors, and community leaders that are working to make rural America their mission. Below is a selection of podcasts from our first and second seasons.

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Our logo was created by Annie Stout, owner and operator of Paperheart Designs. The photos published on our podcast links were taken by Jenn Arnold, a former Leadership in Rural Medicine student. We would like to thank Annie and Jenn for their creativity! 

Rural Residency 


Women Rural II 


What the Virus Spead: Rural Medical Education During a Pandemic 


20 Years of Rural Medical Education


A Drop in Yields: Farm Stress and Farmer Suicide in Rural Michigan (Sensetive Content Warning) 


Arts Rural: 


Beyond a One Room School House: 


40 Years of Rural Medical Education: 


The Real Victim: 


People are People No Matter...:


A Rural Connection:


This Rural Election:


Women Rural:




Feeding Rural Michigan: